Gil bert Schaefer - Acupuncturist Dundas University Health Clinic
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About Gilbert Schaefer

R.Ac, CST, Dipl.S.T, BAA

Gilbert Schaefer is a Registered Acupuncturist and Certified Shiatsu Therapist with many years of clinical experience. Gilbert graduated with honours from the Shiatsu School of Canada and with High Honours from the SSC Acupuncture Institute. He subsequently taught Eastern Medical Theory at this school and was also a Student Clinic Supervisor. He interned with Dr. Tim Tanaka at the Pacific Wellness Institute.

In his treatments, Gilbert places conscious emphasis on the treatment of the body-mind as a united entity. He believes strongly that ongoing maintenance is just as important as putting the patient in charge of the responsibility of becoming and staying well and healthy. As a therapist, his goal is to facilitate the natural innate healing capacity of the human body according to the principles of Eastern Medicine, while seeking to cross the bridge to Western Medical Science.

Gilbert has been with the Dundas-University Health Clinic since 1998.

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