Telehealth Services in Downtown Toronto

About Telehealth Appointments

Telehealth is the use of digital information and communication devices, such as your computer or mobile phone, to access healthcare services from a remote location.

Telehealth has many benefits, including reduced transportation time and costs, eliminating child or elder care issues, and of course less exposure to a harmful illness such as COVID-19.

The Privacy and Security of our patient’s medical information are of utmost priority to us and are guaranteed by our telehealth provider.

Telehealth appointments are available with:​

Dr. Esther Konigsberg | Integrative Medicine Specialists | Dundas University Health Clinic

Dr. Esther Konigsberg

Integrative Medicine Consultant
Dr. Laura Cory | Chiropractor & Kinesio Tape Practioner | Dundas University Health Clinic

Dr. Laura Cory

Chiropractor Kinesio Taping Orthotics
Dr. Mathew Lee | Chiropractor & Medical Acupuncture | Dundas University Health Clinic

Dr. Mathew Lee

BSc, DC, DAc
Chiropractor Medical Acupuncture Orthotics Myofascial Release Functional Release Technique Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Level 1
Dr. Diana Speer-McBean | Chiropractor & Custom Foot Orthotics | Dundas University Health Clinic

Dr. Diana Speer-McBean

Chiropractor Acupuncture Custom Orthotics Compression Stockings (certified fitter)
Dr. Rahima Hirji | Naturopathic Doctor, IV Therapy, Acupuncture Provider | Dundas University Health Clinic

Dr. Rahima Hirji

Naturopath Acupuncture IV Therapy
Dr. Laura Disenhaus | Physiotherapist in Toronto | Dundas University Health Clinic

Laura Disenhaus

Licensed Physiotherapist Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Dr. Steven Smith | Best Rated Podiatrists Toronto | Dundas University Health Clinic

Steven Smith

BSc (Hons), Podiatry (Chiropodist)
Custom made Orthotics Full service footcare Shockwave therapy Swift Microwave plantar wart treatment

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