A Chiropodist: Why Your Feet Need One!

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Why A Chiropodist – Overview

Our feet are one of the most used yet perhaps the most neglected part of our body. Our feet literally carry us through life. The average person walks around 6,000 steps per day. That amounts to a whopping 1.5 million steps a year! Apart from this, they face more wear and tear due to uncomfortable and ill-fitting shoes, running, playing sports, and other high-impact exercise. Feet also experience a host of problems such as painful blisters, calluses, corns, bunions, nail problems, cracked heels, and sprained ankles. What’s more, feet problems can often affect our entire body, including our legs, hips and back. This, in turn, can badly impact our quality of life.

This is why a chiropodist can play an important role in the health and well-being of our feet, and our whole body. Why go to a chiropodist? A chiropodist or podiatrist is a trained medical practitioner who treats injuries and other afflictions with the feet and lower limbs, from nail-cutting to surgeries. Chiropody service would help identify and treat any issues with your feet, to ensure their optimum health and functioning. Chiropodists are also equipped to spot future problems and solve them at an early stage.

9 Reasons to Choose a Chiropodist

  1. For those wondering why go to a chiropodist, regular visits to a chiropody clinic—just as you visit a dentist—would help ensure that your feet are in top condition and pain-free. It would also help to prevent future problems. For those without an obvious medical condition, regular check-ups and maintenance can help stop problems from occurring.
  2. A chiropodist would help with the removal of bunions, verrucae, calluses and corns, as well as treat fungal infections. This would not only make our feet more attractive but also make walking more comfortable. Proper cutting of nails by a chiropodist would avoid conditions such as ingrowing toenails.
  3. Chiropodist treatment is not a cosmetic treat, but rather a semi-medical procedure. Treatment is carried out by medically qualified staff who know what they are doing. In comparison, a beauty technician would be able to groom the feet but would lack the specialist training and equipment to properly deal with problems such as calluses or corns.
  4. Chiropodist staff maintains high levels of hygiene, as these are medical procedures. All equipment is properly sterilised or disposable, which ensures patients are not put at risk of cross infections.
  5. A chiropodist would be able to look at your existing footwear and suggest better choices. These recommendations would help improve your general everyday comfort and also prevent the development of more serious conditions.
  6. Advancing age, and physical or medical conditions can make it difficult for some to cut their toenails or care for the skin of their feet. A chiropodist, being a trained professional, would be able to handle these treatments as well as spot signs of feet problems.
  7. Chiropody service would be able to help with common foot problems such as bunions, corns and verrucae. Nail conditions, heel pain and ingrowing toenails are other issues which can be treated by a chiropodist.
  8. People who have bone deformations caused by conditions like arthritis would benefit from regular chiropodist treatment.
  9. It is advisable for those suffering from diabetes to avail of chiropody service every month. This is because diabetics experience a dulling of their pain receptors. Often, they are unable to feel pain in their feet. Damaged areas of the foot could become infected.If left unattended, these can become septic and pose a serious problem. In extreme cases, they even lead to amputation. A chiropodist would be able to spot and treat conditions such as foot ulcers and sores in the early stages itself.


Still wondering why go to a chiropodist? Visiting a nail bar or beauty salon can make feet appear attractive for a short while. However, a visit to a chiropody clinic to avail of the services of a qualified chiropodist or podiatrist, would not just make your feet look good, but also ensure they are healthy and problem-free. The expertise and right equipment of chiropodist treatment at a chiropody clinic help not only solve a range of feet problems but also ensure feet stay trouble-free in the future.