5 Reasons to Consider Wearing Thigh-High Compression Socks

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Overview: Thigh-High Compression Socks

Thigh-high compression stockings are a type of medical socks which are designed to improve blood flow and reduce swelling in the legs. Made from a special, stretchy fabric that applies pressure to the legs, they help promote circulation and prevent blood clots.

Compression socks are generally used by those who have varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, or other conditions which affect the flow of blood in the legs. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts also use compression socks to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness after exercise.

The benefits of compression socks are immense. Thigh-high compression socks work by applying graduated pressure to the legs, with the most pressure at the ankle and gradually decreasing in pressure as you move up the leg. They help to push blood back up towards the heart. This is one of the key benefits of compression socks. This can improve circulation and reduce swelling and discomfort in the legs.

While thigh-high compression stockings can be worn throughout the day, they are recommended for use during long periods of sitting or standing, including air travel or while working at a desk. Worn during exercise, they help improve performance and reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

When it comes to choosing the right thigh-high compression socks, take into consideration the level of compression you need, as well as the size and style of the socks. The socks should also be a proper fit – not too tight or too loose as they can be uncomfortable or ineffective. Try on different types of compression socks to find the perfect fit. A trained compression stocking fitter would help select the right pair.

5 Reasons to Consider Thigh-High Compression Socks

Thigh-high compression stockings offer greater potential benefits. Along with the feet and calves, the knees, quadriceps and hamstrings also benefit from the compression therapy offered by thigh-high compression socks. There are several benefits of compression socks. Here are five reasons why taller compression stockings could be considered…

  • They cover the entire leg
    As thigh-high compression stockings cover the entire leg, compression sock usage comes with additional advantages. Besides the feet and calves, the entire span of the leg benefits from wearing compression socks. Thigh-high compression socks offer more benefits than regular compression socks, as they can help with leg issues above the knee, including swelling.
  • They enhance circulation in the entire leg
    While regular compression socks improve circulation in the calves and feet, thigh-high compression socks enhance the circulation in the whole leg. They work by gently squeezing the leg to promote blood flow and venous circulation. While this makes them the best compression socks for swelling, they can also help to prevent blood clots, to some extent. The benefits of compression and enhanced venous circulation up and down the entire length of the leg are received by the use of thigh-high stockings. Those recovering from surgery or those who have limited mobility can especially benefit from compression sock usage.
  • They help treat the veins in the thigh
    Thigh-high compression socks can help treat those who have spider or varicose veins in the thighs, especially on the back of the leg or the knee. Compression sock usage can help avoid the need for surgery as they can reduce or prevent the appearance of unsightly veins. Thigh-high compression socks enable more skin to be covered and deliver better results.
  • They can treat swelling above the knee
    While shorter compression socks are useful for issues below the knee, they cannot address swelling above the knee, such as in the thighs. Thigh-high compression socks work in areas that are not reached by regular socks. As they cover nearly the entire leg, thigh-high compression stockings help reduce swelling in the higher extremities of the leg as well. This makes them the best compression socks for swelling above the knees.
  • Comfort and choices
    Thigh-high compression socks are also a practical choice. There are various types of compression socks. Available in a range of cuts and styles, they include closed-toe, open-toe and footless options. Made of thin, neutral-coloured sheer and opaque fabric options, they are not noticeable under clothes. Different types of compression socks are available in regular and plus-size thigh options. More importantly, they are easy to wear all day long. In fact, thigh-high compression stockings are more comfortable than wearing pantyhose as there is no waistband which could make using it all day long uncomfortable. Another plus is that they do not need to be taken off when using the restroom.


Thigh-high compression socks bring you the benefits of compression across the entire leg. They improve blood flow and help reduce several issues such as swelling, and varicose veins. Available in a range of sizes and style preferences, there are options to suit individual needs. It is recommended to own at least two pairs of thigh-high compression stockings for uninterrupted use. Do browse our selection and find the best compression socks for swelling and other issues. Juzo, Jobst, Lunatik athletics, Medi (Mediven), CEP compression, and Sigvaris brand stockings are professionally fitted and dispensed on-site by our trained and registered compression stocking fitter. Contact us to schedule your appointment.

How to Wear Thigh-High Stockings
A few tips on how to wear thigh-high stockings:

  • Put them on first thing in the morning before getting out of bed as swelling is least at this time.
  •  Roll the stocking down to the heel and then insert your foot into the stocking. Then pull the stocking up slowly, unrolling it over your leg.
  • Adjust the stocking over your leg to smooth out any wrinkles or bunching.
  • Those with dry skin can apply some lotion to the legs to make putting on the stocking smoother; however, make sure the lotion has been fully absorbed by your skin before putting on the stocking.
  • The stocking can slide on more easily if you dust your leg with a little baby powder or cornstarch.
  • Those struggling with how to wear thigh-high stockings could buy a butler, gloves or other donning devices.